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Basic knowledge of automobile drive shaft

Release time: 2021-03-26    Pageviews: 646

In the cars we usually drive, the use of car transmission shafts is very important, and the two shafts in different mechanisms are connected in the field of general mechanical parts, which improves the dynamic performance of the shaft system and has a buffering and damping effect at high speeds. . In heavy-duty power transmission, couplings that can meet the requirements of the machine are selected during product design. Moreover, the coupling and the working machine are connected with the elastic coupling and function. Snake-shaped spring couplings Couplings rotate together to transmit motion and torque, and can also achieve separation and connection between shafts and shafts, thereby realizing power transmission and interruption. The clutch can be separated only after the two connected shafts are disassembled, and the separation and engagement can be easily realized during the working of the machine. Due to manufacturing and installation errors, elastic deformation and temperature difference deformation of parts under load, the two axes connected by the coupling will inevitably have a relative offset, and the coupling should also have a certain degree of compensation for the offset of the two axes. ability.